Restore from Backups

rdiff-backup is used to create backups of various skynet boxes. User's home directories, mail, mysql and some other configs are kept backed-up. As rdiff-backup takes incremental backups, a file or files can be restored to what they were on a specific date.

E.G. User accidentally overwrote the following file: /home/user/file.txt, and didn't realize it until days later!

ssh root@nfs
rdiff-backup -r 7D backup::/backup/services/home/user/file.txt /var/tmp/file.txt
#ssh root@nfs = ssh into the client server, not the backup server!
#-r 7D = recover from 7 days previous
#backup::/backup/services/home/user/file.txt = where the current file is stored on the backup server.
#The file will be recovered to /var/tmp/file.txt and can be copied from there.
# Note: It will take ~2-4 minutes to recover a file, so be patient!

Further info.: [WWW]

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