Dns is hosted on intelligence, the primary nameserver, and orac, the secondary. On both machines, dnsadm is a local account that is used to admin the service. All the relevant files are owned by dnsadm, they can read the /var/log files (daemon.log being the relevant one usually) and they have sudo access to run /etc/init.d/bind9. On both machines, the bind conf and db files are stored in /etc/bind. Intelligence acts as the master, and orac as a slave, so any changes made on intelligence should cause orac to be notified (and any other NSes), which respond with an axfr request to update the zone.

The main zones for skynet are,, and These are delegated to (currently intelligence), and (currently orac). These role-based names should be used in everything dns related. The same goes for MX records, where and should be used.

We also host a number of other domains, for various members, and act as a secondary nameserver for the domain. Additionally, there are a number of 'fake' internal domains, for the villages, that we host.

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