The ircd in use is ircd-hybrid. The package is from debian, with client-ssl and ipv6 enabled, and a pam auth patch by ikelly. There is an apt repository for this at

deb [WWW] ./

The conditions surrounding client-ssl + pam are as follows:

Note, nick!=username. In the mask a![MAILTO] b@server.tld, a is the nick, b is the username. The username cannot be changed by the client after login. Therefore, if someone auths, they have to have the correct username, and are therefore traceable if needs be.

There is a test server with this configuration running on skynet at the moment. Please test the above conditions as much as possible, thanks.

The firewall is setup to allow the other intersocs servers to connect directly to port 6667, for peering. This port has to be non-ssl for peering to work. The servers use a form of encryption (called cryptlinks in the hybrid docs) for server<->server links.

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