Minecraft server config

Server is running on walle-vm08 under user "minecraft". Main server files in /home/minecraft/Minecraft/. Related files in /home/minecraft/. Server should always be running in screen session "minecraft" if the init.d script is used (see below). The JVM is installed under /home/minecraft/java/ with a ram limit set at 5200MB. This should be enough to handle 40 players, cpu permitting.


The white list is located in /home/minecraft/Minecraft/white-list.txt. Once changed, the init.d script can reload it: /etc/init.d/minecraft whitelist-reload


Bukkit makes it very easy to install plugins - just drop a .jar file into ~/Minecraft/plugins/. There is a list of plugins at [WWW] Beware as some plugins conflict with others and poorly written ones can lag or crash the server.

As of 2012/2/14 the server is running CraftBukkit recommended build 1.1-R3. The following plugins are installed:


Protect zones can be defined in /home/minecraft/Minecraft/plugins/WorldGuard/worlds/skynet/regions.yml as well as in-game.

init.d script

/etc/init.d/minecraft is a symlink to /home/minecraft/minecraft-init/minecraft. It's based on [WWW] Should bring up the server on reboot (tested). Needed screen from apt.



This crontab is suggested by the init.d script:

02  05  *   *   *   /etc/init.d/minecraft backup 
55  04  *   *   *   /etc/init.d/minecraft log-roll
*/30    *   *   *   *   /etc/init.d/minecraft to-disk
nginx web server setup

nginx seems to have reasonable defaults and is quite straightforward to configure:


Generates the map files for web serving. [WWW] Needed python, python-numpy, python-imaging, python-dev and gcc from apt to run. There is a simple shell script at /home/minecraft/overviewer/ to copy the "skynet" world file and render it into /var/www/map/


Set up a permissions group for moderators with the ability to section off protected zones for users constructions. Ideally there would be no "ops", to remove the temptation to spawn items as it can alter the balance of the game. I have personally spawned two roast chickens so far and it is a slippery slope.

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