The following packages need to be installed:

A customized libpam-opie needs to be installed as well. libopie-dev needs to be installed to build.

export CVSROOT=""
cvs co pam_opie
cd pam_opie/libpam-opie-0.22/
fakeroot ./debian/rules binary

Then install the deb created in the parent directory.

To initialise the database:

opiepasswd -c -f

(just -c if your physically at the machine, but im not walking into college for just one command) will ask for passphrase.

To get a list of keys:

When you try to login you get a challenge:

ikelly@skynet /etc/pam.d Tue Jan 25 20:29:30 [0 jobs] [hist 505]
$ su
otp-md5 497 sk8333 ext, Response:

497 is the sequence number sk8333 is the seed

changes to setup:

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