Login access

Users should not generally need to logon to as all of the trac/svn data is stored in the users home directory. If a user requests access to the machine (by emailing [MAILTO], the issue of granting access should probably be discussed on either 'root' or 'sysadm' first.

If access is to be granted, this is done by editing /etc/security/access.conf and adding the user. Home directories are already mounted on NFS.

Creating a new project

  1. Login as root.

  2. Run /root/scripts/ with two parameters - the first is the username, and the second is the projectname. This script will create the SVN and Trac repositories in the users home directory in /home/<username>/projects/<projectname>, and will also set up a directory inside their public_html directory with the name of the project (ie: /home/<username>/public_html/<projectname>). The script will also generate an initial password for the user for Trac and email the user with this password and some basic instructions of how to manage their project.

Granting access

The user can edit /home/<user>/project/<projectname>/svn-perms to specify svn permissions, and use 'htpasswd' on /home/<username>/project/<projectname>/users to specify trac permissions.

See [WWW] for format.


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