Portable Windows Applications - stored on, and run directly from Skynet

Firefox - Internet Browser


Package source (This needs to be watched and Maintained):

[WWW] = Main download site.

There is a Firefox Beta 2 currently out - so will be keeping an eye on that with a view to upgrading. As for the install and install scripts -> follow the EXACT same instructions for Thunderbird. Please consult /home/webadm/FirefoxPortable for the Program Files and Install, and /usr/local/bin/installfirefox for the install script.

Thunderbird + Enigmail - an Email Client with Support for gpg


Package source (This needs to be watched and Maintained):

[WWW] = Main download site.

cd /home/webadm   //!!!Note this folder is ONLY temporary. A proper location needs to be obtained.
wget wget
unzip  //unzip package only on skynet

The above most likey will change, and if it does, a new version will have to be downloaded, and this wiki updated!!

Intro and File Structure

The above extracts the following file structure:

                                 App/      // Main Thunderbird Application Directory. 
                                 Data/     //Blank Data dir for Users Information, e.g. mail setup & preferences.
                                 Other/     //An unrequired other data for PortableThunderbird, compiling etc.
                                 html.html    //An unrequired html help page. May be useful however!!?
                                 ThunderbirdPortable.exe    //A useful executable of the program

The App Directory will be symlinked into the users home directly. No data will be written to this Directory. The App directory stores all the User information. If an update of PortableThunderbird is released - then it *should* be enough just to replace the App directory and test. The ThunderbirdPortable.exe is simply an executable then.

File Locations

A folder/directory in the user's home directory is made. If one exists then the script will end, with a note saying to users to move or delete the existing folder firstly.

 * mkdir   $HOME/Thunderbird/
 * symlink $HOME/Thunderbird/ThunderbirdPortable.exe
 * symlink $HOME/Thunderbird/App/
 * copy -R $HOME/Thunderbird/Data/
 * symlink $HOME/Thunderbird/Data/gpg

As mentioned previously - App and ThunderbirdPortable.exe are symlinked in. A COPY of the DATA directory is placed in Thunderbird in the users home directory. The "$HOME/Thunderbird/Data/gpg" folder is symlinked from the users home .gnupg folder. This allows Thunderbird to directly access and store gpg keys in the main $HOME/.gnupg directory. Before the $HOME/.gnupg folder can be symlinked to $HOME/Thunderbird/Data/gpg folder, the existing empty gpg folder in the Empty Data directory must be removed (rm -R /home/$USER/Thunderbird/Data/gpg ). Finally the /home/user/Thunderbird/Data directory must be chmod'd 700 to prevent anyone looking at your Thunderbird preferences!!

Bash Install Script

In order for this install script to be in the Users PATH - it can be placed in:

vi /usr/local/bin/installthunderbird

The majority of this script is keeping the User informed as to what is happenning. The script checks if there exists a $HOME/Thunderbird already. If there is - the script stops. The script should say the rest.


#The majority of this script is User Friendly feedback to the user.i
#If the Thunderbird folder exists, the user will have to manually move/delete it.
#The Thunderbird script is located currently in /home/webadm
#Please consult the wiki for the admin maintance of this utility.
#--steviewdr 31-Aug-2006

echo "Hello, $USER.

I am about to Install Portable Thunderbird (for windows) in your Skynet Account"
echo "Lets see..."
sleep 2

if [ -e "${HOME}/Thunderbird" ]; then

time="$($_CMD date +"%H%M")"

echo "Ooops: It seems that you already have a folder/directory called Thunderbird !!!!"
echo '
If you are sure you want to install thunderbird, then delete or move the Thunderbird folder/directory in your Skynet account. Type the following:
skynet:~$ cd $home
skynet:~$ mv Thunderbird Thunderbird_backup_'"$time" '

and run this script again! GoodBye.'

echo "Ok, installing now..."

cd $HOME
mkdir Thunderbird
ln -s /home/webadm/ThunderbirdPortable/ThunderbirdPortable.exe /home/$USER/Thunderbird/
ln -s /home/webadm/ThunderbirdPortable/App /home/$USER/Thunderbird/
cp -R /home/webadm/ThunderbirdPortable/Data /home/$USER/Thunderbird/
rm -R /home/$USER/Thunderbird/Data/gpg
ln -s /home/$USER/.gnupg /home/$USER/Thunderbird/Data/gpg
#chmod added in. See wiki. Cheers davisc for pointing out.
chmod -R 700 /home/$USER/Thunderbird/Data

echo "
All Done.
Please consult the skynet WIKI at on how to use Thunderbird. Goodbye."

NOTE: This Script has Changed. Please check the current version located at: /usr/local/bin/installthunderbird on skynet

Extra Usability Feature:

To only show the imap folders for users on skynet (i.e. folders inside mail/ ) the following line is added into ThunderbirdPortable/Data/profile/prefs.js

user_pref("mail.server.server2.server_sub_directory", "mail/");

So an exerpt from the prefs.js should look like:

user_pref("", "");
user_pref("mail.server.server2.port", 993);
user_pref("mail.server.server2.server_sub_directory", "mail/");
user_pref("mail.server.server2.socketType", 3);
user_pref("mail.server.server2.type", "imap");
user_pref("mail.server.server2.userName", "skynetuser");

Apologies - if the above is a bit verbose. Feel free to make comments/ammendments.


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