Trial Migration Webserver

Before a new webserver is to be setup (to replace orac) - a number of things need to be tested to see what works and what breaks with regards to Users Websites and increased functionality.

New Features for proposed Webserver ->
  1. Move from Debian to Ubuntu.

  2. Work all packages from APT (as much as possible).

  3. Move from Apache1 to Apache2.

  4. Provide suPHP functionality which a user can "turn on" themselves.

  5. Provide PHP5 functionaility which a user can "turn on" themselves.

  6. Others main ones....?

Sticky points ->
Ideal Situation ->
After Testing - Current Situation (Using APT - and NO compiling from source.) ->

PHP4 + mod_php (libapache2-mod-php4) will not run together with PHP5 + mod_php (libapache2-mod-php5). People have managed to get the two working together by recompiling apache. So only 1 version of mod_php can run,: either mod_php4 or mod_php5.

suPHP will run seperately as a suPHP apache module, and can be activated on a user basis by using .htaccess Only 1 suPHP apache module can be run (without compiling) and will in-turn run only 1 version of PHP.

So - We can have the following setups ->

  1. PHP4 + mod_php and PHP4 + suPHP

  2. PHP4 + mod_php and PHP5 + suPHP

I think the last option #2 is the best. Those people who know and are willing to use suPHP will have a good knowledge of PHP and will be able to lead the way in using PHP5.

Setup Details
 1. # Install Ubuntu dapper server
 2. # Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and uncomment the two lines for universe packages.
 3. apt-get install apache2
 4. # get php4 + mod_php working ok on apache2
    apt-get install php4-cli php4-common php4-cgi libapache2-mod-php4 php4-mysql
 5. # Test Apache2 and PHP with phpinfo and web_uploads.php program
 6. # Install suPHP - This should install fine - and add the apache suPHP module into /etc/apache2/mods-enabled
    apt-get install libapache2-mod-suphp suphp-common
 7. # Edit /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/suPHP.conf and comment out AddHandler
    # AddHandler AddHandler x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php5
 8. # Edit /etc/suphp/suphp.conf and change this line:
    # This is to allow php files to be served from apache userdir in the default vhost
 9. # Restart apache - PHP4 + mod_php should be default and serve files out as .php
 10. # In order to activate PHP4 + suPHP on a user specific level the following .htaccess file is required:
     RemoveType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .php3
     AddHandler x-httpd-php .php

 11. #Config #1 from above is now working, i.e. PHP4+mod_php and PHP4+suPHP (optional)
 12. #Config #2 ->
 13. apt-get install php5-cli php5-common php5-cgi
 14. This will install PHP5 and will update suPHP to use it instead.
 15. viloa - PHP4+mod_php and PHP5+suPHP

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