C&S Anti-Spam Proposal


Internet and e-mail bring easy ways for Clubs and Socs to contact both members and prospective members as well as advertising events. However, spam is an increasingly large problem, particularly within the University. There is a huge temptation to use mass mailing lists within the University to advertise Clubs & Socs. This has a potential to annoy recipients and give Clubs and Societies a bad name. Therefore, this document aims to outline responsible practices with regard to e-mail. If Clubs & Societies as a whole take a responsible attitude towards e-mail, it increases the chance that e-mail will be read by the recipients.


Any e-mail sent by, or on behalf of, a Club or Society should be specifically requested by the recipient. Also, each e-mail should have details or a link at the bottom that allows the member to unsubscribe themselves. Adding members to a Club/Society upon joining is deemed acceptable, however the initial e-mail should provide a detailed description of the list, expected traffic and specific details on unsubscribing.

The use of the UL distribution lists should be specifically discouraged. This includes, but is not limited to, all all.y* (etc.) aliases as well as module mailing lists and staff aliases. Randomly or bulk selection of recipients from the UL address books should also be banned.

Accepted UL List Usage

There is a UL list for Staff to receive information on Events. While this is an opt-in list, it should not be generally used by C&S. A single mailing per week to this events list on behalf of Clubs and Societies to inform them of upcoming events would be acceptable.


Should a complaint of spamming be reported to the Clubs and Socs Exec, the club/society will be notified and given a chance to explain. If, in the view of the Executive, the incident was in breach of this document, this should be noted at C&S Council. Should 3 separate incidents be upheld by the Executive, 5 points will be deducted from the budget points total of the offending Club/Society the following year.

Good practice

These guidelines should extend to any mailing lists created or mainted by any section of Clubs & Socs.

Extra Notes

Care should be exercised towards the data collected by Clubs & Societies, not only in relation to mailing lists, as this data is covered by the Data Protection Act. Disclosure of the information could bring difficulties for the Club/Society as well as C&S as a whole, the SU or even the University.

The Computer Society offers a mailing list server. This allows easy maintenance of the mailing list, secure protection of the data within, restricted posting and an archive of previous posts. Further details from mailman /at/ skynet /dot/ ie.

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