The Outgoing PRO should send various materials to the Incoming PRO (preferably electronically). These include high resolution images of the University Logo and the Society Logo in order to facilitate the creation of Posters which have a professional appearance. Contained within this should not only be examples of past works (to help aid in the creation of new material) but a copy of the An Focal stylesheet.


Committee Contacts:

Make sure you have contact details for everyone on the committee. Also if there is an assistant PRO then make sure you keep them involved as much as possible, otherwise they aren't going to to grasp of what goes on. It is always important to idle in #compsoc on to keep up to date with what's going on. The committee email address is [MAILTO]

How to book the SU projector:

Go into the Students union. You'll need to talk to Roisin Monaghan (the administration secretary) Her office is the second door on the right if you take a left at reception. Try and ensure that you give at least two weeks notice for the booking.

Handover files (docs, images, etc...)

All these files can be found at /home/compsoc/PROstuff To access these files just use an scp client (like winscp) to browse the files. Just navagate to the folder. All of the posters made since 2005 are saved in this folder as well as any other society graphics since 2005. A high res version of our logo is also there. Try and keep all the files in the folder as 770 with the group as compsoc (chown -R compsoc:compsoc /home/compsoc/PROstuff). This makes sure that anyone on the committee can access and edit any of the files when needed.

Keep receipts¬!

When you spend money for skynet related things where you need to be refunded at a later point then make sure to get a receipt! Also, make sure you save the receipt until the money can be reimbursed. The receipts should be given to the treasurer.


telnet while connected via ethernet cable to the router to edit the webpage: cd /www/ vi index.html

vi(m) commands: i=insert w=write q=quit tap esc a few times before entering any command (for good luck!) :=prefix to any command

router-linksys fuse to live (red) red to red. Blue/black to blue/black short cable to blue/black Random wavehunt notes: openwrt, nvram

Emailing all members:

Send the email to [MAILTO] *Note the first time you send a message you might need to wait for your email account to be added to the send list

Contact details: (AY10/11)

Paul Lee (Clubs and Societies Development Officer) Email: [MAILTO] Liz Gabbett (Clubs and Societies Liaison Officer) Email: [MAILTO]

Adele Carrol (Students Union Reception - for room bookings in the SU) Email: [MAILTO]

Finn McDuffie (SU Communications, An Focal Editor) Email: [MAILTO] Phone: 086 0435304

Eoin Colgan (UL Buildings electrician) Email: [MAILTO] Phone: 086 1742084

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