The Basics

Welcome to the Computer Society Wiki. Below, you'll hopefully find some information that will help you out with our basis services. Dont forget to contribute to the wiki


You can access all your computer society emails via our webmail interface(s) found at [WWW]

You can also access your emails from your favourite email client with the following settings:

SMTP (outbound):


We have a web forum setup for discussion on all sorts of topics. Have any questions? Post them up there and someone should be able to answer them. [WWW]


All accounts come with storage space for files. This can be used for hosting websites, projects, or saving lecture slides. See ‘file transfer’ for more information on accessing files stored on the server.


There is a quick guide to accessing the webspace available to you via your skynet account here

File Transfer

You can connect to skynet via SFTP. We recommend using the program [WWW] WinSCP. It has a Graphical User Interface to the ssh and sftp protocols that allows you to simply drag and drop files over a secure connection.


The method most people use to connect to IRC on skynet is by loging into their account using PuTTY and then using the program Irssi. Full details on connecting to IRC using the program Irssi, can be found here. For those of you who are unable to or do not want to use the irc client via ssh, Skynet hosts a web based irc client at [WWW] There is also external ssl access to using port 9999 and your regular (ldap) username/password.


Skyputty is a custom build of [WWW] PuTTY a very lightweight ssh client. Skyputty is [WWW] here. To login simply hit skynet in the bottom left corner and enter in your username and password. Note: when typing in your password nothing is actually displayed. This is not a bug, putty just doesnt display anything when your password is being entered so finish typing it and hit enter to login.

A concise list of useful commands is available here with a slightly more comprehensive version found here

Changing Your Password

Once you are logged into Skynet (see Skyputty above), you can change you password by entering passwd at the prompt. You will then be asked to enter your current password Enter login(LDAP) password before you can can enter a new password. When typing a password in PuTTY, it will not display anything on the screen as you type.

Note: This will only change your LDAP password. (This is used for nearly all services). This will not change your samba password.


If you have any questions, please let us know by making a post in the [WWW] forum , sending us an [WWW] email, or asking a committee member.

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