Backup your Skynet Data - Howto

Skynet do not provide backups of User data. It is each skynet members responsibility to backup their own data (files located in /home/username/*, email, mysql data etc.) This how-to covers backing up your /home/username/ files, and is aimed at the basic user.

Backup Home Directory

cd $HOME
# this makes sure you are at 'root' of your home directory.

tar -czvf myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz --exclude myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz .
# tar is a free archiving utility (similar to winzip on windows)
# c=create z=compress f=backupfilename v=verbose. The --exclude is to exclude the backup file itself. The . (fullstop) says to backup all files in the current directory.
# Note: this may take a few minutes depending on how big your home directory is. The verbose output will be in alphabetical order so you can see what files are currently been added to the archive.

chmod 700 myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz
# this sets permissions so only you can read/copy/access/delete the archive.

You then need to copy your backup to *your* computer or to a external hard drive etc. I recommend using WINSCP located here [WWW] to access your skynet files and to copy the archive to your computer.

Once myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz is on your computer, you will need the WinZip, winrar or 7-zip application ( [WWW] ) to open or look inside the archive backup.

Make sure to delete the archive - myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz - off skynet once you have copied it off skynet.

cd $HOME
rm myhomebackup_todaysdate.tgz

Backup MySQL Data

This is already covered in the MySQL Skynet User guide, located here: [WWW]

Backup Emails

We'll leave this for another day. Email alladmins at if you want to find out more in the meantime.

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