Gallery 2

Grab from [WWW] I picked the full version and just deslected the plugins I didn't want.

Skip straight down to the "Installing Gallery2" section on this page: [WWW]

Before starting you'll need to fix a php memory error message that will appear unless you do [WWW] Also select more than 24MB if you're installing alot of plugins (I used 64MB).

The mysql server is run on so hostname is mysql. Username and Password is given by the database admin. Note: It is NOT your login password


It will appear to pause/freeze on some pages for a few minutes but its just off doing stuff in the background.

Pick the directories you want to use beforehand, I selected /home/davem/gallerydata/ and /home/davem/public_html/gallery/ so I could get [WWW]


This allows you to own the files/photos and not the webserver so you've more control over the pictures. Just follow the suPHP wiki page and send an email on to root and ask that your files be chown'd back to yourself.


This is the .htaccess file I use to get everything working. Simply pop this in the directory you are installing the gallery to and it should take care of all of the problems mentioned above.

<Files ~ "\.(inc|class)$">


AddHandler x-httpd-php .php php_value memory_limit 64M

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