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Using SVN and Trac on Skynet

Skynet have a dedicated SVN server with a Web based Interface ([WWW] Trac).

To get a SVN Account setup for you - please email: svnadm at Also include a project name with which to be initially setup for you.

The Details you will recieve back will be similar to:

You project has been created. You can log into trac at: [WWW]

Your svn repository can be accessed at: [WWW]

Your username and password - are your skynet one's. The first URL (e.g. [WWW] is the wiki and Trac Web Interface to your SVN account. You can login, and update whatever details you require, (e.g. project wiki, timelines, milestones etc.) Note that this Trac Web Interface is only for updating project details. No SVN checkin-checkout etc. are carried out through this interface.

In order to access SVN etc. - You can


Once logged in - in your home dir is a directory called the project name you requested (with the initial setup request). The Main TRAC (Web Interface as described aboev) Configuration file is in /home/username/projectname/conf/trac.ini

The Main Changes I have made are as follows:

alt = 
height = -1
link =
src = /~steviewdr/webirc/images/cgiirc.gif
width = -1

I included the following also, because of spam etc. anyone can open a ticket for bugs/updates etc. If you want to DISABLE tickets - the following can be inserted into the trac.ini config file:

trac.ticket.* = disabled