The position of Vice President comes with the added duties of head admin. As such, VP must be chosen from among the global root team and only admins can vote on the election of VP.

The VP is the voice of the admin team on committee and should also report back to the admin team when necessary.


The VP is the central point of contact between the committee and the admin team. As head admin, they are in charge of the cluster (Skynet)


Admin Team




As VP is given on merit it is assumed that a new head admin is already very familiar with Skynet's setup and what will need to be done. Even so, the outgoing and incoming VP should meet up before power is handed over to discuss how they think the society should proceed from a services and hardware point of view. The incoming VP should also have a meeting with all the other admins, to discuss the same things.

As VP is elected from the global root team there is no guarantee that the incoming VP has ever held a committee position before. This means it is vital, during their meeting, that the outgoing VP explains what additional responsibilities the role of VP has additional to those as head admin.

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